3 Environmentally-Friendly Roofing Options

Roofing is one of the most expensive parts of home remodeling. Careful consideration of your budget, needs, and lifestyle will help you find the perfect solution for your needs at an affordable price.

More and more homeowners are looking for environmentally-friendly roofing materials in today's market. Many of these products are made from recycled materials, reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill. It is becoming increasingly important to educate yourself about environmentally responsible roofing options before making your final decision.

Metal Roofing

One of the most popular types of environmentally-friendly roofing materials is metal roofing. Metal roof shingles come in various colors, styles, and weights. Metal roofing has a longer life expectancy than other materials and can save you money in the long run. Metal roofing offers an affordable option for a lasting result. When you invest in a long-lasting roof, you are less likely to need a replacement or require more materials over time.

Slate Roofing

Another popular environmentally-friendly roofing material is slate. Slate is not only attractive, but it is also very durable. Slate can last for up to 100 years and stands up to any weather circumstance - even strong winds. Slate is usually installed by a professional who will set the pieces in place and secure them correctly. While the initial cost of slate roofing can be high, this type of roof will last for many years before needing to be replaced or repaired. It is a product that will last for a lifetime and is a great investment for the home.

Clay or Terracotta Roofing

Clay roofing has become extremely popular in recent years as it is a low-maintenance material that looks beautiful. Tile roofing can be expensive, but it is often a great choice for an elegant and long-lasting roof look. The advantage of this roofing over other materials is that it does not leach any chemicals or staining over time. If you are looking for a high-quality roofing material that will last for years, then a clay tile roof may be the best option for your needs.

With good roofing, your home will be more comfortable, leak-free, and safer to live in. You must choose the right materials and the right installation process. To ensure that your roofing installation is done properly, it is wise to hire a reputable contractor with years of experience in this industry, like our Daytona Beach roofers. To choose the right product for your home, do thorough research into your options and talk to a professional contractor today.